Study Visit on Biomass Heating and Waste Management Systems, Austria

14 May, 2019


A study visit to the Carinthia region of Austria was organized by CNVP Kosovo during 7-10 May 2019. Thirteen participants, (including five municipal mayors from Kamenica, Rahovec, Junik, Decani and Shtime, as well as representatives of Kosovo Forestry Agency, MAFRD’s Forestry Department, Ministry of Environment, and National Association of Private Forest Owners), visited two biomass district heating systems, a waste management company and a large sawmill.

The aim of the study visit was to understand Austrian experience concerning climate change and environmental mitigation, including energy efficiency, to be used as a practical guideline for application in municipalities in Kosovo.

Coordinated by Astee Energy, the delegation: saw how decentralized heating systems using wood biomass (backed up by solar power) are managed; understood the functioning of the logistic chain, including the rational use of forest resources; and reviewed the associated benefits and costs. The delegation also learned about commercial waste management, including cooperation with local public utility companies. The largest sawmill in Carinthia was also visited to understand best technical and management practices.

At the end if the study visit, the five mayors proposed establishing an informal working group (coordinated by CNVP Kosovo) to identify next steps related to value chain development for wood biomass production and its use for renewable energy in Kosovo.   

The study visit was supported financially through the Sida project being implemented by CNVP Kosovo - Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralized Forestry in Kosovo.