CNVP attended the International conference on “Afforestation in a changing climate” in Budapest

04 Oct, 2019


On 3 October 2019, representatives from CNVP contributed to the exchange of experiences at the International conference on “Afforestation in a changing climate” organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in Budapest, Hungary.
Raising Temperatures, as projected in climate scenarios, threaten forests indirectly in a variety of ways. Trees live for 100, or even 1.000 years in one place and can not run away. They depend on their environmental conditions and the climate. If the climate changes and it exceeds the tolerance level of trees, trees suffer and eventually die.
Nature-oriented forest management and the protection of the biodiversity in the remaining forests are the basis for future development. Only its reach biodiversity and the wide genetic range are the hope that the forests can survive into the future. Adaptation strategies are necessary to preserve the present diversity of forests and to use them sustainably in a changing climate. We created climate change and today's “best practices” may not be enough to resolve the problem. Therefore forests need proactive human assistance.

The six countries where CNVP is active are in the vulnerable region and therefore CNVP Kosovo and CNVP North Macedonia contributed in this cooperative action to find solutions to meet the future social expectations in a changing climate. The conference provided an opportunity for the exchange of experience between representatives from Forest Research Institutes from Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Austria, and Algeria.