CNVP Albania organises a two-day training with LED project LCBs

22 Jun, 2021


On 17 and 18 June 2021, CNVP Albania organized a two -day -training with LED project Local Capacity Builders (LCBs) from 6 regions of Albania. This training is organized in the framework of Sida -funded Local Economic Development (LED) project which is being implemented by CNVP Albania. The project aims at increasing the incomes of households in rural Albania by promoting improvements in the efficiency and inclusiveness of the MAPs (and other NTFPs) market system. CNVP has a long and successful history in engaging local experts referred to as Local Capacity Builders (LCBs) who have proved to be crucial for the successful implementation of different projects.

About 15 LCBs, all MAPs experts, attended the two-day training which was designed in a way that combined presentations and group work on the main LED Project interventions. Extension service and communication skills, organic cultivation of MAPs, sustainable harvesting of wild MAPs, drying technologies and mechanization services for MAPs, Contract Farming, Standards and certification of MAPs, and gender issues are among the topics presented during the ToT. All the participants were actively engaged in the discussions and group work by sharing concrete examples from their regions as well as assessing the relevance and importance of different interventions in improving the MAPs sector in Albania.

This training is organized at a time when anti covid 19 measures allow people to meet and a special focus is dedicated to discussions on how the pandemic has affected MAPs producers and companies in each region and the services provided by LCBs in the framework of LED project. LCBs were instrumental in providing extension service, advice, safety tools, and equipment to MAP producers during lockdown periods.