CNVP Macedonia facilitated a workshop on internal roles and procedures of the RWoP in the Prespa reg

29 Nov, 2021


As part of the regular activities of the project ,,Empowering women for NTFP's development of Prespa’’ , in support of the association RWoP (Rural Women of Prespa), one of the most important project activities was performed, a workshop on internal roles and procedures of the organization, their responsibilities, division of roles etc. 

Before the workshop, a short interview and a survey were conducted with representatives of the association in order to show their capacities and competencies. The workshop started with a welcome speech by the director of CNVP Nehat Ramadani, as well as by the president of the association RWoP - Violeta Prculovska. The content of the workshop was very interesting for the participants and the interactive approach prevailed.

The project ,,Empowering women for NTFP’s development of Prespa’’ is implemented by CNVP, with financial support from PONT. The project aims to increase the internal capacities of the organization Rural Women from Prespa, for the use of organic products and non-wood forest products from the Prespa region for catering activities. Individual collectors from the region are also the focus of the project.