CNVP focuses on building a Green Economy. It uses evidence-based analysis to improve the sustainable livelihoods of rural communities and civil society within the ongoing process of environmental and climate change.

CNVP’s capacity strengthening covers six areas: sustainable forest management; climate change, environment and natural resource management; agri-rural development; renewable energy and waste management, including transboundary water pollution; community mobilization; as well as European accession issues and related policy questions.

CNVP has built an international reputation as a facilitator. It interacts with civil society organisations, helping them to be more effective in representing their interests through improved dialogue with public and private sector stakeholders.

CNVP works regularly with the public sector at central and decentralized levels to design, develop and implement national and local policies within an overall framework of public administration reform, results based monitoring and a European accession perspective. It also has significant experience of establishing public, private and third sector partnerships, as well as supporting social entrepreneurship.

CNVP and its partners lobby decision-makers in the public and private sectors to apply the benchmarked best practice standards that apply in the EU.

CNVP has significant experience of supporting private forest owners, pasture users, agri-rural producer groups, women, young people, social entrepreneurs and others involved in developing businesses at different points along agriculture, forestry and energy value chains.

CNVP’s approach includes shared Team responsibility for achieving targeted results, and the incorporation of innovative ideas into governance and decision-making processes. Its 28 employees use tried and tested analytical, consulting, advisory, coaching, mentoring, demonstration and knowledge transfer skills to help partners in the public, private and civil society sectors strengthen their technical capacity at central/decentralised levels through the design and implementation of in-country, regional and cross-border cooperation projects.

CNVP is currently active in all the Balkan countries, with a view to expanding in due course to all states in the European Neighbourhood Space. As a reliable regional partner, CNVP can support all initiatives that promote and develop sustainable local development.

CNVP’s four core values are focused on:

  • Green             intervening to build a greener economic environment within the ongoing process of climate change
  • Clean              promoting renewable energy and improved household/industrial waste
  • Seen               operating in all countries in the Balkans and the European Neighbourhood Space
  • Lean                improving the efficiency of service delivery continuously and systematically