CNVP is cooperating with Zagora Shpk to strengthen the medicinal and aromatic plant (MAP) sector in the Shkoder region of northern Albania. Since 1992, Zagora Shpk has been one of the main MAP exporters. It is improving its processing capacity to accommodate the growing volume of dried MAPs supplied by more than 1,000 producers in Koplik district and its surrounding areas, an area of Albania that is favourable for MAP production. Zagora Shpk offers international markets quality products based on EU trade requirements and standards. Its main exports include essential oil and tea extracts taken from specialist plants using leaves, seeds and roots: for example, Salvia Officionalis; Lavandulae Officionalis; Saturea Montain; Juniperis Comunis; Thymus Vulgaris; Primulae Veris; Hyperici Italikum; Centauri; Rubi Ideus; Agni Casti; Myrteli Frutckus; and Trifoli.