CNVP Albania has been working since 2014 with Redi Pellet factory (Ardit Group) in Maliq, Korca Region to improve the value chain in renewable energy, as well as increase the capacities and awareness of stakeholders involved in the process. Redi Pellet has been certified as standard Enplus 14961 A2. CNVP has been advising farmers and Redi Pellet to create small-scale plantations that combine crops and trees. One way is to plant fast growing species such as poplar along roads and water channels, a benefit of which is the creation of shelterbelts on agricultural land. More than 20,000 poplar trees have been planted to date on Korca plain by farmers and at least 40,000 by Redi Pellet. This is expected to increase to 100,000 in the next two years.