CNVP Working in Montenegro

28 Nov, 2018


CNVP prepared an article for Montenegro's Rural Portal ( Published in Montenegrin on 22 November 2018, the following text is a translation of what the article says.

CNVP is a Dutch-registered CSO that operates in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia – the six western Balkan countries that are seeking to join the EU.

CNVP's mission is to use evidence-based analysis to improve the sustainable livelihoods of rural communities in the Balkans that are affected by ongoing environmental and climate change.

The main focus of CNVP's work is on the circular economy and green growth.

CNVP's interests are wide, and cover inter alia:

  1. natural resource management, national parks/protected areas, nature conservation, biodiversity, wetlands and Natura 2000;
  2. environmental protection, climate change and carbon sequestration;
  3. sustainable forest management, including agro-forestry;
  4. women’s economic empowerment;
  5. support for rural youth (including slowing down outward migration);
  6. agri-rural development, including crop and non-crop value chains;
  7. eco/agro-tourism;
  8. area-based/local economic development and cluster policy;
  9. wood biomass for renewable energy;
  10. waste management, including transboundary water pollution;
  11. national rural parliaments, community mobilization, governance, LEADER/LAGS; and
  12. Erasmus+.

CNVP has an international reputation as a reliable partner and facilitator, working with the public, private and third sectors, as well as social entrepreneurship.

CNVP supports improved dialogue with state and non-state decision-makers, other key stakeholders and donors.

CNVP works with government institutions at central and decentralized levels to design, develop and implement policies within an overall framework of public administration reform and results’ based monitoring.

CNVP is currently implementing projects funded by Sida, USAID, EU, PEFC and NORAD.

In Montenegro, CNVP:

  1. is the lead partner implementing an EU-funded project - Rural development driven by rural CSOs – working in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency for Bjelasicu, Komove and Prokletije in Berane, and the Union of Farmers;
  2. is working closely with Tehnopolis in Niksic;
  3. is a member of Montenegro’s Rural Development Network, and has been appointed as the Network's coordinator for the central part of the country; and
  4. participated in the second annual conference of Montenegro’s Rural Development Network that was held in Pljevlja on 29 and 30 October 2018 where discussion focused on four themes:
  1. implementation of the IPARD programme in Montenegro;
  2. how to promote development of the LEADER measure;
  3. the need to prepare local development strategies; and
  4. the growing importance of the Green Economy, with agro-tourism as a main driver in the Balkans.

Organisations in Montenegro that would like to cooperate with CNVP to develop in-country, cross-border and regional projects are invited to send an email to either Ross Bull (, or Mensura Nuhodzic (, or Aleksandra Mrkaic (