Albanian Forestry Policy Document Finalized

11 Dec, 2018


On 10 December 2018, CNVP Albania presented the final Forestry Policy document in Tirana. This was prepared in the framework of the Forestry Policy Reform project implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment with financial support of the Swedish Embassy in Tirana and technical expertise of CNVP Albania.

The event was attended by some 500 participants from the Swedish Embassy in Tirana, the World Bank, the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, civil society organizations, and municipalities.

CNVP Albania was the lead organization involved in preparing the document in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Magnum Opus Group (MOG), (which helped to prepare strategic documents related to forestry, law and gender).

After consultations with local, regional and national actors from the business sector, the Forest and Pature Users Associations and the Regional Federations, the policy document has been approved by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, which will now prepare the new Forest Law.

The final goal of the Forestry Policy Document is to have a sustainable contribution for a better livelihood for society today and for future generations.

The document has four strategic directions:

  1. Good governance: Positioning forests as a government priority as one of the most important and vital resources, and raising awareness on the importance of forests.  
  2. Functional organization:  Establishing and strengthening an efficient organizational system from the centre to the most remote villages based on best standards and practices.  
  3. Sustainable harvesting: Using forest resources on a sustainable basis by balancing their multipurpose use and potential.   
  4. Quality services: Providing quality services for the forests, aiming at better protection, quality, and use of fast growing species.