Forums for career counselling, Macedonia

21 Dec, 2018


CNVP is the lead partner on Rural youth assisting Macedonia in EU integration, an 18 month EU-funded project implemented with the Rural Development Networks of Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia. Project implementation started in January 2018.

The specific objectives of the action are to:

  1. improve the capacity of rural youth and their CSOs to create and implement public policies through structural dialogue with decision-makers; and
  2. strengthen the skills of rural youth, making them more competitive on the labour market.

The project is targeting at least 150 students and 10 rural youth CSOs from rural East and South-East Macedonia. Young people, as well as local and national institutions, are benefitting from the action

During 11 and 12 December 2018, two career counselling meetings for more than 130 young people were held in Stip and Strumitsa. Participants included members of NGOs, high school students and local public institutions.

An expert from the Rural Development Network of Croatia and the President of the Serbian Network for Rural Development presented examples of employment, networking and communication based on rural tourism and food production, bringing together opportunities for people from neighbouring villages to increase production and competitiveness. Opportunities for measures included in the national programme for rural development and the IPARD programme were identified for applicants up to 40 years of age.

The National Youth Council of Macedonia presented the state programme for youth guarantee, including practical examples based on programme implementation