Training on safety in handling forestry tools and equipment

07 May, 2019


On 3 May 2019, CNVP Kosovo organised with APFO “Parku” in Novo Berde a training event for APFO members and beneficiaries who are involved in Joint Forest Management. The training advised APFO members on safety measures for handling forestry tools used in silvi-cultural works.

The activity was supported by CNVP Kosovo under the framework of the SIDA-funded project Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralized Forestry. The project has provided a package of equipment and tools for the APFO, including a chainsaw and maintenance tools, safety equipment, hand tools for cleaning and thinning, and a GPS device.

Training included theoretical presentations and practical forest demonstrations using the equipment. APFO members had the opportunity to use the tools provided, and discussed safety measures with CNVP’s expert team.