CNVP new management structure

02 Jul, 2019


As per July 1th 2019, CNVP will have a new management structure. CNVP Supervisory Board and CNVP staff are pleased to announce that the new Board of Directors has been appointed from the existing CNVP Country Directors Ms. Anela Stavrevska-Panajotova, Mr. Xhevat Lushi and Mr. Janaq Male. Handing over the leadership from one to a team of directors is a major step for CNVP. The three country directors are local professionals with different expertise coming from North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo that will ensure continuation of current projects and contribute to a better southeast Europe.

CNVP is confident that jointly with our partners we will continue working together to grow a canopy of trees providing home, shelter, food, a livelihood as well as a place to wander.

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