Regional Workshop for Combating Forest Crime And Corruption in Sarajevo, BiH

07 Nov, 2019


On 5 November 2019, CNVP together with its partners (FEA - BiH and GreenHome - MNE) organized a regional workshop in the frame of the project: “Regional action for combating forest crime and corruption”.
The regional workshop was held in Sarajevo Bosnia and Hercegovina. More than 40 participants attended the workshop from the four project countries: Bosnia and Hercegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro. 
Institutions from the forestry sector, as well as institutions dealing with crime and corruption, the NGO sector, and other relevant actors attended the workshop, where relevant topics of the project were discussed. 
All stakeholders presented their views and possibilities for further cooperation in the region, as well as proposals for introducing monitoring mechanisms to fight against forest-related crime and corruption actions. 
It was commonly agreed that illegal activities in forestry are something that all countries in the region are facing and that proper communication as well as cooperation on the national and regional level, is crucial for more effective actions towards illegal activities. 
CNVP as lead partner in this project will continue its work towards the fulfillment of the final goal of the project, preparation of action plans for fight against crime and corruption in forestry, in all 4 project countries.