Private Forestry Owner Association produce biomass for needs of biomass heating systems in Kosovo

08 Nov, 2019


CNVP Kosovo is continuing to promote biomass heating systems and support wood chips production.

CNVP Kosovo project provides support to the production and supply with wood biomass five biomass heating systems managed by primary schools in Dobratin/Podujeve, in Blinaja/managed by Kosovo Forestry Agency (KFA), and in Hani Elezit. 

Establishing the biomass heating systems project was supported financially under the framework of Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralized Forest (SSPDF) project. 

Biomass (wood chip) used to produce from silvicultural activities as it is cleaning and thinning of the forests in Blinaja Park, which is managed by KFA. The usage of the wood waste for the production of chips for heating also helped the KFA staff on easier maintenance of the pastures and opened areas for better conditions on wildlife management in Blinaja.

The total amount of biomass (wood chip) production was transported and stored to the heating system’s storage in all above mention places and will be in use during this winter. 

A number of 20 participants were trained on the process of biomass collection, chipping, storing, etc. 

The project activity was supported financially through the Sida project being implemented by CNVP Kosovo - Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralized Forestry in Kosovo.