Regional workshop on improved private forest management

20 Nov, 2019


On 19 November 2019 in Skopje, CNVP Macedonia held Regional Workshop in the frame of the project “Improved management of small-scale coppice/degraded forests in private ownership” financed by FAO.

The project focuses on (a) demonstrating ways to manage coppice forests to produce more valuable wood products in the longer term, and (b) lobbying institutions such as the Ministry (for the forest and rural development sector) to invest more in supporting forest management to transfer coppice forests to higher types of management. 

At the workshop, representatives from Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, and Kosovo shared their experiences on the types of silviculture measures implemented in the coppice and degraded forests in their countries.

The regional workshop provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the needs for defining measures for support , their content, further collaboration and sharing experiences and good practices from the region.