SSPDF Project - the continuous support of chestnut plantation establishment in western Kosovo

02 Apr, 2020


CNVP Kosovo continues with monitoring and responds to the needs of partners of the SSPDF project where it’s operating and taking measures to also assist vulnerable people in this period of pandemic COVID-19. 
Based on the last year's recommendation from the Regional Conference as well as study analysis on chestnut value chain development for the western region of Kosovo, SSPDF project continues to support APFO members, therefore establishing chestnut demonstration plots to promote new production technology. 
In this regard, five chestnut orchard plantations have been established within a total area of 5 ha with certified seedlings that show higher resistance to chestnut pest disease as well as quality and fruit production. During the process of the establishment of plantations, APFO members are supported with advice by CNVP team experts.  
This activity is supported by the Sida-funded project being implemented by CNVP Kosovo - Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralized Forestry.