Sida-funded LED project response to COVID-19 crisis

17 Apr, 2020


The pandemic COVID-19 has created an unprecedented situation worldwide. The world seems like a global village and it might be the first time in history that people worldwide suffer the same, fear the same and are affected the same despite the country/part of the world they live in, the government they are led by, social statues they have, a health system in place and so on. 
However, as in most crises, it is the poor people (men and women) who have less access and control over resources and suffer the most devastating effects.  
Sida funded project LED supports poor farmers, men, and women, in rural areas in Albania to increase their incomes by cultivating new MAP varieties, improving marketing opportunities and delivering business-driven extension services. 
CNVP Albania has continued to implement its project activities by holding online meetings among the team as well as with different project partners to discuss and explore the best ways to support the project beneficiaries and mitigate the pandemic crises. 
Needs are being assessed and some of the LED project activities will be adjusted to support affected farmers in target regions. 
The support will mainly cover the provision of equipment and tools which are necessary to carry out the fieldwork in cultivation and post plantation operations of MAPs. 
Farmers have continued their work in looking after the MAPs cultivated in their lands during this lockdown period, obeying the rules and precaution measures announced by authorities. They are regularly coached and advised on the work to be done and necessary measures to be taken.