CNVP Kosovo provide advisory service to chestnut forest owners

12 May, 2020


CNVP Kosovo is promoting the chestnuts value chain and rehabilitation of chestnut forests in Municipalities of the western part of Kosovo. 
On 08 of May 2020, CNVP Kosovo organized a field visit offering advice to members of the Association of Private Forestry Owners (APFO) on the rehabilitation of chestnut forests and new technics at the established demonstration plots in the private sector including cultivating of chestnuts trees (orchards ) in Junik municipality. 
In this aspect, CNVP is supporting the implementation of activities such as silvicultural measures for the chestnuts rehabilitation of forest areas, as well as giving advice on the owners on how to apply new methods for recovering the existing chestnuts natural forests and how to protect from chestnuts blight/.
Also, technical advice has been provided for members of APFOs about the chestnuts demonstration plots (orchards) cultivating new varieties of chestnuts trees with new production methods.  
Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralized Forestry (SSPDF) project is cooperating closely with the partners: Municipalities, Kosovo Forestry Agency and APFO members in the promotion of the silvicultural work at the chestnuts forestry, organizing trainings, advisory service to beneficiaries, monitoring and analyze results from the established demonstration as well as promote results amongst stakeholders.  
The activities are supported under the framework of Project Addendum of Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralized Forests (SSPDF) funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina which is being implemented by CNVP Kosovo.