Open call for creation of 1-2-3 step action video of the online interactive mapping tool ,, Eco-map”

13 Jul, 2020


In the frame of the project, ,, Communities Communicating Climate Change”, implemented by Eko-svest, CNVP Macedonia and DEM, funded by the EU, was developed online interactive mapping tool,, Eco-map”, which purpose is to detect, share and inform state authorities and the general public about the positive and negative conditions related to various environmental issues. For promotion and use of the online interactive mapping tool,, Eco-map”  we announce a call for the creation of two videos: 1-2-3 step simple action video that will demonstrate the practical use of the application and online tool “Eco-map”, and promotional video of the,, Ecomap” with a purpose to stimulate and encourage citizens to actively use it.

More information related to this call can be find on the following link