International Conference WAA for Agenda 2030

16 Jul, 2020


CNVP has participated in the First International Conference of the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF AGRONOMISTS WAA for the presentation of the WAAFORAGENDA2030 ACTION PLAN 2020-2030, which took place July 2, 2020.
The Conference had an excellent result: 2510 registrations, 1855 participants, among which 26% Spanish speaking, 18% English and 56% Italian, 3 Continents, 28 countries, 2 General Sessions and 2 Special Sessions with 12 working tables all together (with 9 + 3 tables at the same time), 101 speakers with top-level speeches.

What is agenda 2030? it is a plan of the United Nations Organization approved on September 25th 2015 to transform the method through which the development that has consumed resources no longer reproducible has been produced, irreversibly damaged the environment and produced substantial changes also in the climate. The 2030 agenda includes 17 objectives for which 169 targets are defined and 240 statistical indicators through which the approaches to the sustainable development goals followed by the various countries will be monitored and progress made up to 2030 will be measured.

To achieve the goals of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, the commitment of all the actors who work together in different sectors is required, sharing financial resources, knowledge and skills.