Workshop on Land Management in Gramsh Municipality

22 Sep, 2020


On the 16th of September 2020, CNVP Albania organized a workshop situated in the Gramsh Municipality. The aim of this event was to present a study document that was prepared by CNVP and was related to the identified legislation on the use of abandoned land in property or in use by the Municipality.

In the framework of the LED project, CNVP has established a partnership agreement with the Municipality in order to support and provide technical assistance on better management of Natural Resources, more specifically of NTFP, MAP cultivation, and wild-grown MAP harvesting.

Present at the workshop were representatives from different Institutions that are dealing with land and property registration, as well as Municipal staff, the Agricultural Department and several MAP business ventures from Gramsh.

The document on Legislation & Procedures was presented and discussions followed on how to successfully implement it. Potential bottlenecks related to the process of identifying abandoned land and Municipal commission creation were discussed as well.

This process is regarded as a very important step forward, because not only does it give the Municipality better access to land management, but it also assists in making the right decisions regarding land use. CNVP is committed to the support of Gramsh Municipality achieving better forest land management, with a special focus on NTFP/MAPs.

 This activity is in the framework of LED project, supported by the Swedish Embassy in Albania and implemented by CNVP Albania