Training of women entrepreneurs in vegetable and medicinal plants production & processing

28 Sep, 2020


After finalization of the needs assessment analysis and formulation of the capacity building program, the implementation of field activities on capacity building of women entrepreneurs in municipalities of Rahovec and Prizren is continuing. 

The range of advisory services and theoretical training has been provided to an informal network of rural women, considering protection measures on organizing several field visits and meetings with a limited number of participants.    

In Prizren municipality, training and advisory services were provided during August and September to women on modern techniques in primary production of cultivation the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) and soft fruits, considering topics on soil crop rotation, selection of seedlings, fertilizing, irrigation, plant protection, harvesting, drying, packaging, and storage.

As related to vegetable production and processing, theoretical training with identified women groups entrepreneurs was held in the municipality of Rahovec, including topics on the cultivation of vegetable, application of new technology for seedlings production, integrated production standards, and monitoring of selected farmers during the application of fertilizer protection plants and application of IP and GAP standards.

Also, the vegetable processing session training and advisory services were held covering topics on the application of standards related to safety and hygiene as a key part of the production, providing secure food for the consumer, product standardization according to customer preferences, and cost of production. 

The project is funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs