Regional Working Group meeting for the improvement of Chestnut Forest Ecosystem

26 Oct, 2020


On 16 October 2020, CNVP Kosovo supported a consultation meeting of the Regional Working Group members (stakeholders) of chestnut value chain development in Peja. 

CNVP presented the activities related to establishing demonstrations plots with chestnuts trees, providing training to forest owners and farmers on the improvement of chestnut forest management, increase production, disease management, as well as improving the marketing of chestnuts. 

Stakeholders had a chance to discuss different models of chestnut forest management practices such as:

  •  models for revitalization (silviculture) of chestnut
  •  forests ecosystems to increase productivity
  • better management of diseases
  • increasing annual growth
  • environment protection
  • saving biodiversity

In the framework of the Regional Working Group was proposed criteria based on which will be selected candidates of chestnut forest owners for silviculture intervention in the western municipalities. 

In the afternoon session, participants continued with the field visit to the new demonstration plots (chestnuts orchards) with chestnuts, in order to monitor the aspects of the implementation of the advanced technologies in chestnuts orchard management. 

Stakeholders (members of the WG) have to agree with the continuation of the work, putting concrete steps into practice for the development of the chestnut value chain. 

The activity was supported within the framework of  Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralised Forests –SSPDF project funded by the Swedish Embassy – SIDA that is being implemented by CNVP Kosovo.