CNVP Macedonia organized a roundtable discussion in Resen with PONT and RWoP

09 Feb, 2021


A joint meeting between CNVP, PONT (Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust), and RWoP (Rural Women of Prespa), took place on 08 February 2021 in Resen. 
During the meeting, activities of the project were presented, and was discussed the new strategy of the RWoP. 
Also, it was highly appreciated the role of women working together as a formal network on NTFP, and hereby having a real impact on local economic development. The region of Prespa is rich with natural resources, diverse vegetation, and a very beautiful landscape. RWoP is created by the project NTFP for Prespa Local Economic Development, and it is serving as the main generator for development in this region. 
This project NTFP for Prespa Local Economic Development is a cross-border project between Macedonia and Albania. 
Project activities are taking place around the region of Prespa, while the project is funded by PONT and implemented by CNVP.