Training on GPS tracking for students of Technical Forestry School in Shkodra

11 May, 2021


On May 6 and 7 in Shkodra a training on GPS use and mapping issues is organized for the students of Technical Forest School. During the preparation of the training materials, Albanian legal aspects of measuring and mapping are respected. 

This training is organized in the framework of the project “Afforestation, training, and education for sustainable community-based forest management in Albania”, funded by ADA and Austrian Lenzing company and implemented by CNVP and other local partners.

The training objective was to familiarize participants with mapping concepts and to use a friendly Etrex GPS device, a device that is used mostly in measuring field works supported by World bank Projects acting in Albania, forest protected areas staff, and Forestry State Agency.   

Participants from forestry school were students in the last grade and experts of Shkodra Forest Federation. 

Training combined short and simple theoretical descriptions and practice with GPS devices. It is seen as an important action simple tool of mapping using data collected from the field. During the fieldwork representatives of Shkodra Forest Federation showed to the working group's area they planted that have to be measured. A simple plan for measuring polygons is done in the field by participants aiming to reach all waypoints in proper places. Hilly terrain is properly used to define tracking of each group and per each species planted.  

Special attention was paid to the explanation of avoiding errors during the fieldwork. Like all other electronic precise devices, GPS has its condition for use and participants learned on these simple steps.