Climate Impacts on Agriculture Sector in Albania

17 Aug, 2021


The issue of climate change has impacted the regions of Albania significantly in recent times. Farmers and businesses give facts as well as figures on how climate abnormality trends are affecting their production and incomes. The migration of youth is rapidly streaming away from rural areas, aging of the existing labor force takes its toll, outdated technology and agronomical practices are just some of the negative factors influencing agriculture development in this country. In more pressing matters, the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants sector which covers around 20% of agriculture exports in the country, due to all of these previous issues, suffer the most. More can be seen in this next link from ABC News in Albania,

Reflecting on some of these issues and needs related to climate change adaption, it is more than certain that measures must be undertaken as soon as possible. More specifically, upgrades to the technology used in field operations, post-harvest care as well as its processing are sorely needed. Another measure that must be tackled fast is securing the producers' efforts in selling their products through long-term contracting, reduced production costs, and increasing incomes for farmers involved in this business. 

For this matter, CNVP is working closely with Albanian producer groups, businesses, and various institutions, targeting these topics through the “Local Economic Development” project Financed by the Embassy of Sweden in Albania.