The success of the RWoP association, encouraged by CNVP's support

20 Aug, 2021


The formalization of the association Rural Women of Prespa, with the help and assistance of CNVP, significantly contributed to the recognition of the services offered by this association throughout the Prespa region. Catering activities for the local community (weddings, festivals, etc.) were marked with irresistible, traditional food prepared by the hardworking hands of Rural Women оf Prespa. 

However, the role of CNVP is invaluable, primarily because of the commitment to formalize the association of women, their professional training to make catering by purchasing appropriate equipment and uniform, in order for the women to have a completely professional appearance and quality food preparation and serving. Also soon is expected to be signed a memorandum of cooperation between the Municipality of Resen, CNVP, and RWoP, to further promote the usage of the services offered by this association.