Meeting of the Working Group for drafting the Action Plan (AP), Montenegro

08 Nov, 2021


Within the NORAD project, 4th final session of the working group for drafting the Action Plan (AP) for the fight against corruption and crime in the forestry of Montenegro was held. The meeting was held in Niksic and was attended by all working group members consisting of the Ministry of agriculture, forest and water management, Forestry administration, National parks, NGO, and Private Sector. The meeting discussed the proposals that came from stakeholders, to which the draft of AP was sent for review.
 Based on the proposals and suggestions of the members of the working group and received suggestions, the first version of the final document of the AP was made.
The AP should be submitted as a final document by the end of November, closely after the regional workshop in Ohrid, where we expect, based on the exchange of experiences with other countries, to get some useful suggestions for its improvement.
The NORAD project, with financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway, is being implemented by CNVP (lead partner) and Green Home (MNE), and FEA (BiH)