Presentation of results from the implementation of Joint Forest Management

20 Dec, 2021


A workshop on Joint Forest Management (JFM) took place on 16 December 2021, in the Pristina region.  

The purpose of the workshop was to present the results of the implementation of JFM from the beginning, inventory of parcels, division, and drafting of management plans and practices created during the implementation process.

In this workshop were partici[ated CNVP Kosovo together with the Department of Forestry (MAFRD), Kosovo Forest Agency, municipalities, NAPFO, and 11 APFOs that have been directly involved in joint forest management implementation in the pilot municipalities.

The participants discussed topics related to the process and results, challenges, risks, opportunities, and coordination of activity for further steps that need to be undertaken in the future so joint forest management will become part of the forest strategy and forestry law.

CNVP group of experts presented the results from the monitoring report of JFM showing as follows: 

- Improvement of sustainable forest management; 

- Protection the forest from illegal wood cutting; 

- Increase biomass annual growth; 

- Fulfilment beneficiaries with firewood; 

- Improvement relationship of rural communities with public intuitions (KFA).

Based on the data collected so far, it was found that JFM in Kosovo provides a range of environmental and social-economic benefits. It not only contributes to the rehabilitation of the degraded forest but also helps in the effective protection of the forest, apart from meeting the community’s needs for firewood.    

However, stakeholders emphasized the need for further steps related to institutional support (legal framework and measures) by the MAFRD regarding the implementation of the JFM process. 

The activity was supported through the Sida-funded project Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralised Forests that is being implemented by CNVP Kosovo.