CNVP conducts the market system analysis to support private forest owners

10 Jun, 2022


In the framework of the “Sustainable Use of Natural Resources for Environment and Economic Development (SUNREED)”, funded by the Embassy of Sweden/Sida, CNVP Kosovo is conducting the market system development (MSD) analysis for forest products, non-wood-forest products, medicinal aromatic products and biomass production (wood chips).

This analysis will help CNVP to design its interventions which will support Private Forest Owners - both men and women - to become better engaged in forest product markets.

The key concept, principles and tools of the MSD analysis were presented in last three days to the CNVP team in Kosovo by the international expert, who will be working with the local team on the MSD approach.

The SUNREED project will provide different interventions to create opportunities for private forest owners and other vulnerable groups, women and youth producers’ groups, and rural enterprises to increase jobs and incomes from sustainably managed forests.

The MSD analysis results will be discussed with the stakeholders and interventions will be planned in a participatory manner.