PONT project presentation to stakeholders in Kukes, Diber and Shkoder municipalities

27 Sep, 2022


CNVP Foundation is implementing a PONT funded project: “Sustainable use of natural resources for transboundary socio-economic development of protected areas in North Macedonia and Albania (Korab-Koritnik, Shara and Albanian Alps)”. This three-year project aims at establishing sustainable models for nature conservation and economic development of the areas, capacity building for the environmental actors, and ensuring government mechanisms are in favour and enable sustainable local development, supporting income generation activities from natural and tourism products and services, employment at local businesses, tourist sites etc. Local NGOs, businesses and farmers from the protected areas will be supported to have an enabling environment for developing sustainable practices to generate better incomes, have resilient models and live in harmony with nature.

A series of informative meetings are held during this period with the aim of informing all the related stakeholders about the project, its objectives, outputs, steps and their roles in the process of its implementation. Between 14-23 September, meetings were held in the municipalities of Kukes, Diber and Shkoder with representatives from Protected Areas Administration, local NGOs and businesses. Apart for the presentation of the project and its implementing procedures, a special session was dedicated to discussions and questions where all the participants had the opportunity to get clarity about the process.

This activity is organised in the framework of PONT project which will be implemented in Albania and North Macedonia Protected Areas. PONT- Prespa Ohrid Nature Fund is the only transboundary conservation trust fund working in the Balkans dedicated to conserving the rich natural heritage of the Prespa -Ohrid, Korab-Shar and Albanian Alps regions.