CNVP North Macedonia, Mavrovo National Park and Tourist Information Center held a joint meeting

01 Dec, 2022


The CNVP North Macedonia team, Mavrovo National Park and Tourist Information Center team met for a working session in Mavrovo on 1st of December, in the context of the project "Sustainable use of natural resources in Shar, Korab-Koritnik and Albanian Alps’’. The meeting's goal was to discuss the anticipated project activities for the upcoming time.

The project team was introduced by CNVP at the beginning of the meeting, and it was stressed the importance of working with Mavrovo National Park as a strategic partner in the project's continued implementation. This was done in an effort to contribute jointly to the preservation of biodiversity as well as the socioeconomic development of Mavrovo National Park and the surrounding area.

The CNVP team gave a brief presentation on the actual project, including its primary milestones, anticipated outcomes and impacts, beneficiaries, and collaborators. The project will first concentrate on doing research in three aspects, such as biodiversity, tourism, and non-wood forest products, with the knowledge gathered serving as a crucial input for measures that will be taken in the future.

The Mavrovo National Park appreciated the CNVP team for their assistance and stressed the importance of continuing to work together and taking cooperative steps to preserve the area.

Three parties indicated their willingness to combine the specific actions for the upcoming term into a single Memorandum of Cooperation (MoU), which will be signed soon.

The project ’Sustainable use of natural resources for transboundary socio-economic development of protected areas in North Macedonia and Albania (Korab-Koritnik, Shar and Albanian Alps)’’ is implemented by CNVP, with financial support from PONT. The project aims to promote sustainable use of the natural resources, monitoring, and management of important habitats and species through the provision of and support to local communities for creating a better socio-economic life in harmony with nature.

 More information about the project can be found at the following link: