Advancing sustainable heating solutions by utilizing wood chips from sustainably managed forests

22 Jun, 2023


On June 22, a consultative meeting was convened by CNVP Kosovo and Representatives of the municipal working group for biomass, alongside the Vice Mayor of Shtime, to discuss the next steps towards implementing a wood chips-based heating system. The meeting, hosted by the Vice Mayor, underlined the municipality's unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and marked a significant milestone in their journey towards sustainable forest management, climate change mitigation, and the adoption of an innovative heating solution. 


During the meeting, responsible individuals from key municipal departments participated in fruitful discussions regarding the follow-up steps necessary for the successful implementation of the wood chips-based heating system. The main focus was on updating data and streamlining the concept, ensuring a proper solution and an effective approach to finalize the concept. 


This crucial gathering showcased the collaborative efforts initiated through the SUNREED project, which aims to develop concrete steps for utilizing wood chips sourced from sustainably managed forests. The proactive stance of Shtime Municipality in embracing this project demonstrates their dedication to the preservation and protection of natural resources and also sets a shining example for other communities seeking to make positive environmental impacts.