Empowering local communities in Protected Areas to live in harmony with nature

04 Jul, 2023

CNVP Albania  in partnership with Regional Administrations of Protected Areas and in the framework of Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust (PONT) funded "Sustainable use of natural resources for transboundary socio-economic development of Protected Areas in Albania &  North Macedonia" project is organising a series of meetings with local communities and entrepreneurs /businesses operating in the Albanian Alps & Korab Koritnik protected areas.


The aim of these meetings is gathering grass roots information to feed into the studies which are being conducted related to the Biodiversity, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and other Non-Timber Forest Products, their conservation and sustainable use in the area.

From field trips organised, the good news is that there is no visible negative impact from existing harvesting activities. The area has a high potential that can benefit both, the sustainable socio-economic development of local communities and the protection of nature.

Poverty and migration are still a social pain. From thousands of inhabitants only few hundreds live all year around in the area. Traditional management is disappearing from lack of people and landscape is changing. The rivers are under pressure of plans for construction of hydroelectric plants.


Empowering local communities is thus crucial in targeting future conservation challenges in the area.

Check out the video from the field visits:

Final Video PONT - YouTube