Kick-off event for the

10 Jul, 2023


A kick off event was organised in Nikšić/Vučje Montenegro on 07.July 2023,as part of the regional project “Integrated Forest Management along the Drin River Basin”. The project is funded by Austrian Development Agency and is being implemented by CNVP Foundation and ICEP. The project aims at introducing Integrated Forest management methods  for the protection of biodiversity and environment as well as for increasing the socio- economic benefits of local communities.

Integral project goals were presented during the meeting, with a special focus on goals, results and activities that will be implemented in Montenegro. The meeting was attended by relevant stakeholders who will also be part of this project during its implementation, among which:  the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the Directorate for Forest Management and Hunting in Montenegro, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Municipality of Nikšić, SWG (Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group),  Private Forest Owners, NGOs that are engaged in close activities in this region and business sector.

After the introductory presentation of the project by Ms. Mensura Nuhodzic Ferlin- project manager and a short discussion, the event continued with presentations which  provided additional education primarily to the NGO sector and private forest owners about integrated forest management.

Mr. Dragan Otašević- Director of the Directorate for Forestry, Hunting and Timber Industries presented the criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management in Montenegro, which aimed to give a broader picture of the meaning and monitoring of forest sustainability.

 Mr. Pavle Međedović- an expert and forestry engineer   made a presentation about coppice forests/conversion and afforestation activities, which are planned as core activities of this project.

The participants expressed their support and emphasized that for the implementation of all activities in the forests, the local community should be consulted and the principles of sustainability should be followed, because they believe that every activity should only be for the benefit of the forest and the local population that live there.