CNVP Empowers Women-Led Agribusinesses: Fair Takes Center Stage in Pristina

21 Jul, 2023


CNVP in collaboration with Caritas Switzerland and Ecokoswomen EKW, have successfully organized a fantastic fair featuring incredible women-led agribusinesses as part of the SUNREED project! This transformative event will take place for two consecutive days, 20th and 21st of July, in the vibrant Zahir Pajaziti Square in Pristina, Kosovo.

The fair aims to showcase and celebrate the remarkable achievements of Kosovar women entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector. More than just a marketplace, this fair represents a platform where at least 30 agribusinesses, all led by passionate and dedicated women, will gather to present their exceptional products and services.

This event offers a unique opportunity for the community to come together and show their support for these enterprising women. By attending the fair and purchasing products, visitors can directly contribute to the growth and success of these women-led ventures. From organic produce to handcrafted goods and innovative agricultural solutions, participants will have the chance to explore a diverse array of products proudly crafted by these inspiring entrepreneurs.

By providing a platform for Kosovar women-led agribusinesses, the fair aims to foster sustainability, gender equality, and inclusive economic growth within the community.