Promoting Tourism and Local Value Chain in Protected Areas in the Sharri Region

01 Sep, 2023


Amidst the captivating landscape of the Sharri mountains in Zaplluzhe, Dragash Municipality, within the framework of the "Sustainable Future of Sharri-Korab_Koritnik" project, the "LIMTH" environmental center (campsite) was promoted. This event was graciously hosted by the NGO Finch, a driving force behind this model project, supported by DBU and executed in partnership with CNVP Kosovo. Distinguished attendees included the Mayor of Dragash Municipality, a representative from the administration of the National Park Sharri, various institutions, environmental activists, and CNVP representatives. Attendees were welcomed by the picturesque landscapes that highlight the delicate balance between human interaction and the preservation of nature's treasures.

The primary objective of promoting this environmental center revolves around heightening awareness of biodiversity values in the Sharri region and enhancing local stakeholders' understanding of the requisites for regional sustainability in tourism and environmental services. The Mayor of Dragash Municipality expressed deep appreciation for the commitment of donor partners and the NGO "Finch" in advancing the tourism sector and conserving biodiversity within this ecologically abundant region of our nation.

As the LIMTH Campsite continues to serve as a model of hope for sustainable tourism and biodiversity preservation, the collective dedication of local leaders, environmental enthusiasts and community members is poised to amplify the positive impact of this model project.

The project coordinator from the CNVP organization and a representative from the "Sharri National Park” directorate emphasized the objective of such initiatives, aiming to establish models for promoting tourism while acknowledging the years of diligent effort dedicated to this cause and the preservation of nature. Participants also relished traditional regional cuisine and were treated to mesmerizing performances of autochthonous dances from Opoje.