Country Director-CNVPKosovo participates in the International Expert Meeting on Nature Conservation

15 Sep, 2023


The International Expert Meeting on Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development in Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, held on September 13, 2023, in Prizren, Kosovo, brought together experts, activists, and stakeholders from across Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. The conference, organized by the Southeast Europe Association, aimed to address the pressing issues related to nature conservation and sustainable development in the Western Balkans. One of the key highlights of this gathering was the active participation of Connecting Natural Values and People (CNVP), a prominent organization dedicated to preserving natural environments and empowering local communities.

In Panel II, titled "Towards a Sustainable Future for Sharri / Shar / Mavrovo / Korab-Koritnik Trans-boundary Region," the discussions focused on the efficient protection of the Sharri Mountains and Sharri National Park, spanning three countries. CNVP represented by Mr. Xhevat Lushi, played a crucial role in these discussions. Mr. Lushi, in his capacity as CNVP's Executive Board Member and Country Director for Kosovo, shared valuable insights into the sustainable utilization of transboundary natural heritage for the benefit of local populations. His expertise highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts between NGOs, experts, and authorities to find solutions that harmonize conservation and community well-being.

 The conference's concluding Media Talk, led by Adelheid Feilcke, Director at Programs for Europe at Deutsche Welle, emphasized the pivotal role of media and policy initiatives in promoting environmental consciousness. This discussion echoed Mr. Lushi's dedication to raising awareness about the interdependence of nature conservation, sustainable community development and strengthening regional cooperation.