NAPFO Workshop: Empowering Sustainability with CNVP Kosovo Expertise

21 Oct, 2023


In a significant step towards advancing sustainability in the forestry sector, the Chairman of the National Association of Private Forest Owners, Mr. Bashkim Gashi, along with Agron Nikqi and Mr. Ibrahim Muja from the expert group, hosted a visit for Mr. Hajrush Kurtaj of CNVP and Swedish Expert Ake Nilsson, engaged in this initiative through the SUNREED project, executed by CNVP and backed by the Swedish Embassy in Pristina-SIDA. Expert primary focus was to provide support and present models aimed at ensuring the future sustainability of the National Association of Private Forest Owners (NAPFO).

Following this pivotal meeting, the decision was made to convene a comprehensive workshop on 21.10.2023. This gathering will delve into these crucial topics, as well as other matters pertinent to the Association, in greater detail.

The workshop featured a series of enlightening presentations from NAPFO. Topics covered the Association's mission, membership statistics, its regional reach, and its involvement with various associations and production groups. The legislative aspect was presented by the local expert, shedding light on crucial legal considerations.

Crucially, members of associations representing private forest owners, as well as the private forest owners themselves, actively participated in discussions and collaborative efforts. Their collective aim was to formulate innovative solutions that enhance capacity development and promote the sustainability to deliver services to both associations and private forest owners, as well as effective methods for managing membership fees.

In addition, the international expert was pleased with the discussion and work of the working groups. He expressed his gratitude to everyone for their presence and stated that he is committed to assisting the association in its endeavors.