SUNREED Project Supports Growth for National Association Private Forest Owners in Kosovo

30 Oct, 2023


With the aim to enhance the capacity of the National Association of Private Forest Owners (NAPFO) and affiliated associations, CNVP Kosovo organized a two-day workshop in Istog, as part of "SUNREED" project funded by Sida/Swedish Embassy in Pristina.

The workshop, with the theme "Advancing Capacities of NAPFO (National Association of Private Forest Owners) and Associations: Shaping Tomorrow's Vision, Implementing Forest Strategy, and Navigating New Forest Law" sought to enhance the functionality of the Association's organs, fortify structures for the future, and implement a strategic approach to forest management. Additionally, it delved into the analysis of the new forest law and associated administrative guidelines concerning private forest owners.

Day one of the workshop began with an engaging session highlighting updates from the previous workshop and local expert presentations on office management and administration.The afternoon session transitioned into a dynamic presentation by the Association on the current status, including elections, membership, ongoing projects, and more.

The latter part of the day was dedicated to present the opportunities that the SUNREED project brought to the table. Participants were given a comprehensive understanding of how the project aimed to support and empower private forest owners and associations

On the second day, the program continued with a comprehensive agenda aimed at deepening the understanding of forestry development strategies. The local consultant, presented the content of the Forestry Development Strategy 2022-2030, with the focus for Private Forest Owners, shedding light on strategic objectives and support for associations.

The subsequent session delved into the Forest Law, analyzing its implications for private forest owners and Administrative Guidelines were also a key focus, with specific emphasis on topics such as the exploitation, processing, transport, and trade of wood assortments, forest management planning, and the utilization of non-wood forest products.

This workshop served as a pivotal milestone, in making significant steps towards a more sustainable future for NAPFO and private forest owners and their contributions to the environment and society.