SUNREED Project Increases Competitiveness of Wood Biomass Production

31 Oct, 2023


The Sustainable Use of Natural Resources for Environment and Economic Development (SUNREED) project has officially established a partnership agreement (PA) with a wood processing company and a private forest owner “ALBI trade”.

The primary objective of this partnership agreement is to drive the restoration of degraded forests, promote sustainable forest management practices, establish fast-growth tree plantations, and enhance the wood biomass supply market.

Through this collaboration, the PA will facilitate the coordination of various stakeholders within the market, including private landowners and private forest owners with the objective to increase the competitiveness of the wood industry.

Furthermore, this cooperation among market players in wood biomass production will lead to increased employment opportunities, higher incomes, improved biodiversity, and a significant contribution to local economies.

The SUNREED project receives its funding from the Embassy of Sweden in Kosovo and is being executed by CNVP Kosovo.