Improving Forest Service Delivery to Private Forest Owners:CNVP and NAPFO Sign Partnership Agreement

06 Nov, 2023


On November 3rd, CNVP Kosovo, signed a significant partnership agreement with the National Association of Private Forest Owners (NAPFO). The signing ceremony took place at the NAPFO Office in Prishtina, highlighting the efforts to enhance the capacity-building initiatives.

CNVP has demonstrated continuous support for Associations of Private Forest Owners, empowering them through a series of capacity-building initiatives. As the overarching institution for local Associations of Private Forest Owners, NAPFO has increased its forestry expertise by assembling a team of forestry engineers and environmental specialists, poised to provide invaluable services to association members.

The collaboration between CNVP Kosovo and NAPFO is aimed at enabling NAPFO to establish a sustainable service delivery model tailored to Private Forest Owners (PFOs). This comprehensive model encompasses assessment and identification of training needs, preparation of training packages, additionally on-the-job training covering critical aspects such as tree selection for cutting, felling techniques, quality classification, assortment procedures, primary and secondary transportation, storage, and the entire value chain.

This strategic partnership marks an important step in the advancement of forestry practices in Kosovo. By collaborating with NAPFO, CNVP Kosovo in the framework of SUNREED project, aims to move the region towards a more sustainable and prosperous future, while also fortifying the livelihoods of Private Forest Owners. The joint efforts aims to make a lasting impact on the forestry sector in the region.