Bottom-Up approach and Local Coordination on Wood Biomass Market Development in Kosovo

27 Nov, 2023


Following steps towards sustainable energy solutions, working groups from potential municipalities (Kamenica, Shtime, Hani I Elezit and Kacanik) gathered in a workshop facilitated by CNVP Kosovo. The workshop, held on the 23rd of November, in Kamenica, brought together key stakeholders to coordinate efforts in promoting sustainable practices in forest management.

The workshop aimed to encourage dialogue and collaboration among various actors, including working groups from potential municipalities, private forest owners, and businesses. The focus was on promoting best practices for woody biomass and developing comprehensive guidelines for the sustainable production, use, and market of biomass (wood chips).

Highlights of the workshop included presentations on innovative solutions for biomass-based heating systems, renewable energy initiatives, and the benefits of fast-growing tree plantations. CNVP representatives presented case studies on heating systems in potential municipalities, emphasizing the importance of biomass-based heating solutions for sustainable energy practices. The local expert in the field, discussed sustainable practices for wood biomass supply and highlighted the significance of wood biomass in achieving sustainable energy goals.

This workshop also, provided insights into the selection and management of fast-growing plant species, outlining the benefits for private landowners. A key milestone was the presentation of the roadmap for the production and utilization of wood biomass, emphasizing the creation of a national forum for biomass and an action plan.

Practical examples of projects implemented in partnership private forest owners regarding the sustainable management of biomass were also showcased. The workshop concluded with discussions among participants, fostering dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders.