Coordination meeting between CNVP, PONT and Association of Rural Women of Prespa

06 Feb, 2024


On February 2, 2024, a coordination meeting was held between the CNVP, PONT, and the Association of Rural Women of Prespa (RWoP), discussing the project progress implementation activities. It was emphasized that the project activities are being implemented in a very successful manner, through a very inclusive approach from all members (women) of the association.

The Prespa mountain tea is very well progressing in the three planted plots, and this year was marked by very successful tea production. RWoP is also using the mountain tea along with the catering activities, and this way it is becoming the brand identity of the organization.

The project "Empowering women for NTFP's development of Prespa" is implemented by the organization CNVP with financial support from Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust - PONT, through which Rural Women of Prespa are supported. The project aims to increase the internal capacities of the RWoP organization, for the use of bio products and non-wood forest products in the region of Prespa for catering activities.