The CNVP project team conducted monitoring visits to 13 organizations, beneficiaries of grants

06 Feb, 2024


From January 17 to February 2, the CNVP project team conducted comprehensive visits to 13 organizations, beneficiaries of grants within the project "Sustainable use of natural resources in Shar, Korab-Koritnik and the Albanian Alps" financially supported by Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust - PONT.

During the working meeting the project team evaluated the individual progress of each initiative, and indicated points of improvement to the grantees, to successfully implement further activities.  

The monitoring process gives the grantees the opportunity to be informed about all aspects of the project, such as the procedures they should follow, what to pay attention to during the implementation of the activities, and how to better promote them, with the aim of better visibility of their projects.

These working meetings are very important because on the one hand, the capacities of the grantees are built and on the other hand the project team has the opportunity to see what challenges the grantees face during the implementation of their projects and what are the advantages of the region.