More income opportunities for households in Sinje village, Berat, Albania

12 Feb, 2024


Sinjë village is located in Berat municipality, Albania. While it is one of the most beautiful villages and tourist attractions in the area, job opportunities are scarce. People of this village rely on natural resources around them to secure incomes where collection of wild medicinal and aromatic plants comprises a substantial part. However, climate change and unsustainable harvesting practices have led to a great extent in a reduction of wild MAPs making it more and more difficult for the depended families to access and benefit from these resources.

CNVP LED project, funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Tirana, has supported 10 households to start the cultivation of Sage as the most appropriate MAP for the climate conditions of the area as well as one of the most market demanded MAP variety. Traditional agriculture crops such as maize require frequent irrigation, harder work to cultivate and are highly affected by draught and climate change. In addition, the prices of inputs have rocketed which makes local people turn to MAPs cultivation as the most promising income opportunity.

Introduction of new productivity-enhancing plant varieties, improved mutual benefits of MAP companies and producers through Contract Farming, improved storage, and mechanization technologies, consolidation of business-driven extension services, are among crucial LED project interventions which are being successfully implemented in six regions in Albania.