An added value for Korab Koritnik Natural Park in Albania

13 Jun, 2024


An added value for Korab Koritnik Natural Park in Albania

CNVP Albania together with PONT participated in a truly enriching event. “The Epos of Luma Mounts” a rich selection of 60 local legends , was presented in a unique event bringing together a broad range of stakeholders in Kukes, Albania on 12 June 2024.

Each legend described in this book, illustrated with unique drawings which breathe life into the stories, is an invitation to embark on a journey into the realm of myth and legend of the villages where a 25 km long trail lies.
This book depicts a trail of cultural heritage, which has been missing in the Korab-Koritnik Nature Park, a journey between history, art, nature, legends and traditions which combined with the stunning beauty of the area provides a unique experience for the nature lovers and trousers as well as nurtures young generation with love for their place.
This event is organized by CNVP Albania grantee “Ecologists for the Region” and is supported by the project “Sustainable use of natural resources for transboundary socio-economic development of protected areas in North Macedonia and Albania (Korab-Koritnik, Shar and Albanian Alps)”, funded by Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust - PONT and implemented by CNVP Foundation. Through this project CNVP Albania is operating a sub granting scheme by supporting local organizations, farmers and businesses to implement projects in the Protected Areas of Korab Koritnik and Albanian Alps.