Sharing forestry and rural development ideas in the Balkan

13 Jun, 2017


CNVP conducted a workshop during 15-17 May 2017 in the rural surroundings of Nikel-Kruje, outside Tirana, as part of CNVP’s Sida-funded FLED project activities.

The main purpose of the workshop was to share forestry and rural development ideas, as well as learn from the practical experiences of Croatian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Albanian members of the Regional Centre for Forestry and Rural Development (REFORD). 

Private and municipal forest owners and their associations participated in the workshop, presenting their experiences and field practices in rural development.

During the workshop, a field trip was used to demonstrate examples of rural development and forestry measures in Albania. These included: the Nikel model of establishing a nursery for forest seedlings; a farmer forest model; and integrated agro-forestry best practices.

Working together to increase knowledge and understanding on priority issues relevant to forests and rural development is crucial for achieving further sustainable development and natural resource management in the Balkans.