Jointly improving rural development policies

19 Jun, 2017


National Rural Parliament as the Voice of Rural Citizens is a 30 month project funded by the European Union. It is being implemented by three partner organizations in Macedonia: Connecting Natural Values & People, Network for Rural Development, and the Action for Rural Development.

Launched in March 2017, the project aims to strengthen the impact that rural civil society organisations (CSOs) have on the design and implementation of national and local rural development policies.

In the period of May-June 2017 wareness raising meetings are being held in each of Macedonia’s eight planning regions. Their purpose is to identify rural CSOs that are active in Macedonia, allow them to exchange experiences, information and ideas, as well as increase their capacity for networking and advocacy. The project is aiming to support at least 5 rural CSOs in each planning region.  

Project Manager, Anela Stavrevska Panajotova has commented:

“Rural CSOs play a vital role in improving socio-economic conditions in rural areas. Through their advocacy, CSOs can help to establish a National Rural Parliament that will offer rural citizens an additional parliamentary voice through which they can express their concerns, identify their priorities, and propose workable solutions.”