Improving wood industry, private forest owner association and forest administration cooperation

13 Jul, 2017


CNVP organised a cross-border meeting on 30 June 2017 in Shkoder between Albanian and Montenegran representatives of wood processing companies, private forest owners’ assotiations (PFOAs) and forestry administrations. The meeting was linked to regional of the Sida-funded project, Forests for Local Economic Development.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore possibilities for increasing leverage in the wood industry, and expanding cooperation between PFOAs in the two countries

The meeting’s 30 participants reviewed the general situation in forestry and the wood industry, and examined the challenges faced by both countries.

Individual companies presented their product ranges, and highlighted possible ways of cooperation for different value chains.

Discussion covered the functioning of the government forestry administration in both countries, and how to improve lobbying to achieve greater cross-border cooperation.

Participants also visited the Albanian wood processing company DAFINOR as part of the day’s programme.

Concerning Next Steps to facilitate increased cross-border integration and development, the meeting’s participants proposed the following actions:

  1. encourage continuous dialogue with private sector companies to facilitate commercial joint ventures and cross-border business partnerships, based on the principles of sustainable production practices and environmental protection;
  2. start a dialogue with the two central governments, the local municipalities and the private sector to explore the feasibility of establishing public-private partnerships;
  3. identify cross-border project cooperation possibilities for building wood, energy and non-timber forest product (NTFP) value chains that will lead to increased business competitiveness in the cross-border area;
  4. review EU and non-EU donor funding, as well as government and private sector finance, with which to implement the various project possibilities; and
  5. identify complementary CSOs, NGOs, private companies and other stakeholders involved in forestry, timber, NTFPs, renewable energy, environment, nature conservation, climate change, biodiversity, coastal fishing, environment etc. that are looking to participate in an annual cross-border meeting, in order to meet new partners, exchange information and explore cooperation possibilities.